Half-Yearly Edition 2019 — Podcast Recommendations

Hello everyone and Hope you all are doing good. Its been a very long time since, I wrote a blog post. I planned to write this blog post and publish it in the first week of July but things didn’t work out the way I wanted. So, many things happened in a so little time and fortunately all the good things happened and I couldn’t find time to blog. So, finally here I am sharing some of the interesting Podcasts which I discovered recently and loved them.

By the end of last year I shared a list of my favorite Podcasts in this Blog post and this list will not feature them. So, I am a beginner myself and trying to find as many good Podcasts as possible. I have promised myself to find as many good Podcasts as possible and share them with people who really wanted to explore more out of this medium. Here, are a few which might interest you.


Image Source: https://www.podparadise.com/Podcast/1357657583

This New York Times Podcast follows Rukmini Callimachi the Pulitzer Nominated reporter who covers terrorism for the paper. This particular Podcast is about Rukmini trying to understand ISIS and also taking us into the journey. This series contains disturbing language and Graphic violence. Yes, I couldn’t get myself to sleep for at least 3 days after listening to this podcast. Very disturbing stuff.

Who Shot Ya?

Image Source: https://www.podparadise.com/Podcast/Reviews/624693800

A Film review Podcast predominantly but they also discuss various other things related to films in this Podcast. One might ask Why this of all other film Podcasts? Well, this isn’t hosted by Straight White dudes but people from different races and different walks of life. There is a Woman Film Critic, an African American and A Film critic from LGBTQ community. We get a whole new perspective on a Movie listening to this Podcast which I can promise. Your view towards a movie will not be the same after listening to this Podcast. Highly recommended not only for Film buffs but for everyone. Check out for their Recommendations at the end of the show, they unearth some gems for you.

After Hours

Image Source: https://hbr.org/2018/10/podcast-after-hours

After Hours has been my early find but couldn’t add it in the last post because I didn’t get a chance to listen to them. But now I have and I love it. After Hours is a Podcast produced by “Harvard Business Review” and is hosted by Three professors from Harvard Business School who discuss News at the Crossroad of Business and Culture. They touch upon various topics like Vaping among Teenagers, Facial Recognition and its fears, Food delivery wars, Boeing Crisis. Each of the professors bring one or multiple topics to the table and they discuss based on their expertise and more. Best part of this show is Recommendations, You get app, books, TV shows, Movie recommendations and even more. Highly Recommended one.

Serial Podcast

Image Source: https://www.pedestrian.tv/entertainment/serial-podcast-to-be-adapted-for-tv-by-lego-movie-directors/

Serial is an Investigative Journalism Podcast. The Host Sarah Koenig narrates a Non-fiction story over multiple episodes. The Season 1 of this Podcast was about Adnan Syed who was accused of a Murder of his classmate and his ex-girlfriend. The host tries to investigate the actual cause behind the murder and she also plays the voice recordings of her conversation with Adnan Syed and various other people. Now, this is becoming a HBO documentary. The Season 2 of this Podcast was about a US Soldier who enters into Afghanistan and gets captured by Taliban, later he was released. This Season was all about discovering that Soldier’s reason to leave the Outpost and a different perspective from different people. The Third season was about the functioning of US Courts. Brilliant stuff. One might think this Podcast might be a boring stuff but don’t judge it by the content, the host brilliantly narrates the story in each episodes and ends with a cliffhanger which makes you to want to know more. Highly recommended Podcast, Do listen to this and Thank me later.

B2B Sales Question Show — Brutally Honest Answers

Image Source: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/i2fcs-511c1/Sales%20Questions%20Show%20-%20Brutally%20Honest%20Answers//DirEpisode_page/2

This particular Podcast might not appeal to many but for certain people who are into Sales. This Podcast is all about Sales people who post their questions to Brian G. Burns who is the host of the show and he answers them. Well, Why would one want to listen to a Sales Podcast? For, me this used to be my Morning motivation on the days when I get so tired and stressed when I don’t get to close any Sales of find good leads. I never reached out to him but I was able to related to the questions and the answers by Mr. Burns. They were not revealing or eye opening but I was able to unlock the potential which I once had. Very educational Podcast and highly recommended for all the Sales people, not only for the ones who are into B2B Sales.

So, these are some of the Podcasts I enjoyed listening to in the past 6 Months. They somehow had an impact on my life. I hope, you would listen to any of the Podcasts in the genre of your choice and I really wish you like them.

What is your Podcast playlist and What are you listening to lately? Any interesting stuff? Please do recommend and I would like to know more about your suggestions.

Happy Listening :)

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